September 23, 2020

Color checking in quarantine.

When I learn, you learn, Tools I use, #Giveaway

I'm not a writer so forgive me for my brevity. I really just want to share details about a tool that has helped my retouching process. I'm also giving away a free ColorChecker to another photographer who is interested in learning more (details later).

Because I was stuck at home for the better part of this year during quarantine, I was determined to try to learn something new to improve my photography. I'm by no means an expert— but why should that stop me from sharing?

I've become really interested in color lately. How is it captured by the camera? How should rules of color theory impact wardrobe and background? Why does color seem to look so different on screen? All of these questions led me down different paths, but one of the tangible results was my purchase of the ColorChecker Passport Photo 2.

Every camera brand captures color differently. Red in a Sony is not red in a Nikon or red in a Canon camera. In order to interpret color properly the ColorChecker creates a target that can be used to calibrate your camera, ensuring accurate color for every shoot.

Here are the links to a few resources that helped me figure out what the ColorChecker does and why it would be helpful:

Would you like to win a new ColorChecker Passport Photo 2?

This tool has helped me in my retouching process and I want to give a ColorChecker Passport Photo 2 away to another photographer. Are you a photographer who is interested in winning a ColorChecker? Fill our the details below by Wednesday, October 7th to enter and I will select a winner on Saturday, October 10th!

Thank you for all of the entries! We'd like to congratulate Dolores on her win. Can't wait to see how you use the ColorChecker Passport!